Jimmy Rossi Jr. - Vocals & Instruments

Genres - Elelctronica, Shoegaze, Ambient

Experimental beats, otherworldly echoes, and thick of deep, dark textures surround Avoxblue, the new solo project of Jimmy Rossi, Jr., creating an ethereal atmosphere which can easily consume the listener. Over the past five years, Cambridge has been recognized as a hotspot for the regeneration of shoegaze – first made popular by bands like My Bloody Valentine in the late 80s/early 90s – with the appearance of sub genres like metalgaze, stargaze, and spacegaze. Rossi’s former project, The December Sound was on the forefront of psychedelic shoegaze movement, epitomizing the “wall-of-sound” that was associated with this genre. However, after going on a hiatus in 2009, Rossi felt inspired to experiment freely with his own music. By fusing the electronic, synthetically hypnotic sounds of new wave with the reverb heavy, lyrically indistinguishable, and distorted features of shoegaze, Rossi is able to create, in his own words, “an electric wall of sound”. The dreamy soundscapes that Avoxblue creates are recreated live, and it is not uncommon to find yourself hypnotized for the entire duration of the set. Recent live performances, like his August 9th show with Memoryhouse and Twin Sister, have been causing a buzz in the live music circuit. His stunning visuals, live multi-tracking, and sense of the audience has been impressing local music critics and national touring acts. With an album scheduled to drop in early February, Avoxblue has been planning tour dates, both locally and nationally.




A Place Without Time Buy [bandcamp] [itunes]

A Place Without Time
Buy [bandcamp] [itunes]


AVOXBLUE - "The Runaway" (Live)
Produced by RedHotBox Studios

AVOXBLUE "Timewaves"
Live footage filmed by Aaron Eskeets