Jeremy Wilkins - Piano, Bass, Synthesizers, Programming

Genres - Piano, Indie-Electronic, Darkwave


bdRm (pronounced "bedroom") is an ongoing conceptual and collaborative project helmed by No Movement Records founder, Jeremy Wilkins. Jeremy was previously in the goth-ethereal band, Rosewater Elizabeth, the electro-trip-hop band, underwater, and the indie-folktronic trio, Allegra Gellar. Currently, he is active in both Hawks Do Not Share and We Are Parasols. bdRm combines elements of all those projects and more.   

The first bdRm ep, Are You Friendly? was a solo project exploring existential piano and the film eXistenZ. bdRm's second release was a moody. jazz inspired electronic collaboration with friend and label-mate, Charlie Moses, How To Ask For Help.   

Identité a twenty track collaboration record exploring the idea of identity features contributions from many of Jeremy's closest friends and longtime collaborators including Lynne Piper, Denver Bon (Allegra Gellar), Britt White (Hawks Do Not Share), Melissa Mileski (underwater), d (We Are Parasols), Alec Eye (We Are Parasols, underwater), George Lewis III (Hawks Do Not Share) and Charlie Moses.




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How To Ask For Help
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Are You Friendly?
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bdRm - "She Comes In Waves II"
Directed and Edited by Jeremy Wilkins  

brRm - "Did I Win?"
Directed and Edited by Jeremy Wilkins