Upcoming Releases : December 2015


We have four releases coming in December. The first two are reissues that we are very excited about. The second two are brand new singles from current artists, Charlie Moses and Hawks Do Not Share. Here's the info. 

1. Gertrude Ross EP by Gertrude Ross. 12.04.15.

Gertrude Ross is Melissa Rae Mileski (now Melissa Morissey) and her husband, Bryan Morrisey. In 2003 they recorded this 6-track EP in Atlanta with the assistance of Jeremy Wilkins and Denver Bon. The songs are pure organic female fronted indie-rock inspired by Low, Cat Power, Bruce Springsteen and 90's era 4AD indie-pop. Melissa's voice is just as gorgeous and powerful as ever, but the music is nothing like her previous bands, underwater and Rosewater Elizabeth. We are very proud to be able to reissue this under-heard gem. 

2. Maybe You Won / Choose A Machine by International Grey. 12.08.15.

International Grey was a band for roughly six months in 2009/2010. The shoegaze/post-rock group was the alter ego of Allegra Gellar and featured all three AG members as well as Daniel Kopton on drums. These songs were recorded in 2010 shortly before the demise of the project. "Maybe You Won" and "Choose a Machine" were originally released as a split digital 7". "Burning of a Witch" is a previously unreleased track that seems to sound better now than it did back then.

In 2013, Parasols re-interpreted and re-recorded "Maybe You Won" (as "The Fool") and "Choose A Machine" for their EP titled, International Grey.

3. Misty by Charlie Moses. 12.15.15.

"Misty" is the new single, and last of three releases this year, by Charlie Moses. "Misty" was recorded during the same sessions as the Charlie Moses EP, but feels different. It's probably Carolyn's most haunting song, which is saying a lot. The vocals float with ease over a dark bed of sound built from acoustic guitar, violin, and a heavily processed bass rhodes. 

The single includes a remix by We Are Parasols as the b-side.  The trio adds a pulsing beat, bending guitars, backwards synths, and reverb drenched choir-like backing vocals to give their take on "Misty" an otherworldly and dizzying feel.  

4. Christmas Eve, Basildon by Hawks Do Not Share. 12.18.15.

Finally, we have a holiday gift from Hawks Do Not Share. The new Hawks EP, Polaris, won't be out till March, but they've assembled an alternate version of the song "Christmas Eve, Montmartre", from HDNS, to send off 2015

The new version, Christmas Eve, Basildon, is unashamedly influenced by Depeche Mode in both title and sonic texture. Come December 18th the track will be a free download from the Predator Friendly Records bandcamp store and from the bands official website. The song will also be available from iTunes, Amazon, etc, but will cost some money on those sites. 

Happy Holidays from Everyone at PFR!