End of Year/End of Predator Friendly Records/Begin No Movement Records.

This year has been a good one for Predator Friendly Records. We've seen new music and/or video releases from Hawks Do Not Share, We Are Parasols, AVOXBLUE, Charlie Moses, Britt White, and bdRm!

Just in the last month we reissued the Gertrude Ross EP by Gertrude Ross and Maybe You Won / Choose A Machine by International Grey. We also released Misty by Charlie Moses and Hawks Do Not Share gave away a free holiday single, "Christmas Eve, Basildon"

We are even running an End of Year Holiday Sale! Until Jan 1st, 2016 you can get the entire 41 release Predator Friendly Digital Catalog for 25% off. Just go to the Predator Friendly Records Bandcamp Store, click on Full Digital Discography and get 41 digital releases for $125.25. Some of those releases will no longer be available after the new year!

We have even more releases planned for 2016. Hawks Do Not Share will release their long awaited 4-song EP, Polaris. We Are Parasols will release their debut full-length, Infrastructure, as well as a 5 song EP, Inertia. Charlie Moses, Britt White, DirtyBird, The Other Also, and AVOXBLUE are all recording new material. Meanwhile, bdRm is finishing his concept record, L'Identite, as well as a collaboration with Charlie Moses - both should see the light of day in 2016.

But, the biggest change in 2016 will be to Predator Friendly Records itself. PFR has begun to transition into No Movement Records. By January 1st this will be complete.

Just take a look around the website...It's already changing! -- After 9 years we feel the direction of the label has shifted and we have new, more ambitious, ideas for future projects, collaborations, and promotion. We are looking for new artists and new partners, both locally, in Portland, and beyond. So, before the New Year our website and entire web presence will be revamped. We already have a new Label Bandcamp Store for No Movement Records and updated Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud pages. Keep an eye out as more changes develop.   

Happy New Year!