New Release : Gertrude Ross - Gertrude Ross EP

Predator Friendly Record is proud to reissue the newly remastered, self-titled, under-heard debut EP from Gertrude Ross. 

In 2003 Melissa Mileski, now Melissa Morrisey (from underwater), and her husband, Bryan Morissey, returned to Atlanta to record 6 songs as Gertrude Ross. The duo enlisted Jeremy Wilkins to record, co-produce, and add various instruments. Denver Bon was brought on board to play bass and guitar. A beautiful EP was quickly completed.

The songs are pure organic female fronted indie-rock inspired by Low, Cat Power, Bruce Springsteen and 90's era 4AD indie-pop. Melissa's voice is just as gorgeous and powerful as ever, but the music is nothing like her previous bands, underwater and Rosewater Elizabeth. 

Gertrude Ross returned to Asheville and continued playing, but the EP was never given the wide release it clearly deserved. 

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