New Releases : HDNS "To Be Loved" & bdRm "Are You Friendly?"

The new single/video for "To Be Loved" by Hawks Do Not Share launched today, as well as the debut EP and video by bdRm. 

As you all know, Hawks Do Not Share is George Lewis III and Jeremy Wilkins. The duo make honest, smart, dream-pop. The new single, "To Be Loved" is at it's core a dance track, but drowned in distorted synths and washed out guitars. For the b-side, George stripped it down and danced it up with his "Hypercolour Mix". Jeremy wrote and directed the video!   

bdRm is the new solo-piano project from Jeremy Wilkins. After two decades of expanding and honing his production skills (rosewater elizabeth, underwater, allegra gellar, parasols, and hawks do not share) Jeremy decided to sit down and compose on a piano. The result is Are You Friendly? an intimate five song EP.  Immediately after filming and editing the HDNS video Jeremy edited together the bdRm video for "Did I Win?" with footage cut from "To Be Loved" as a sort-of combination piece. 

Hawks Do Not Share "To Be Loved"
Starring Alec Yeager & Debra Wood II
Written, Directed, & Edited by Jeremy Wilkins
Story Photography by Jeremy Wilkins & Debra Wood II Band Photography by Jason Roark
©2015 Predator Friendly Records

bdRm "Did I Win?"
Written, Directed, & Edited by Jeremy Wilkins
Starring Debra Wood II & Alec Yeager
© 2015 Predator Friendly Records