"To Be Loved" by Hawks Do Not Share

Next week Hawks Do Not Share will release their new single, "To Be Loved". The digital single, available from our Bandcamp store, iTunes, Amazon, etc, will include a somewhat surprising remix by George.

There will also be a video release to coincide with the single. Here's a bit about the song and the video --

About The Song.
At once tentative and daring, "To Be Loved"is the second single from Hawks Do Not Share's acclaimed debut HDNS.  A rich voice paints a tense, vivid scene exploring the mercurial nature of young love atop waves of grunged-up synth pads and ghostly guitars. The dynamic tension at last gives way to a soaring chorus, yet finds itself anchored by a palpitating bass line seemingly yearning to break free.  At its core a throwback dance track, "To Be Loved" takes risks and lays itself bare in order to be worthy of its namesake.    

About The Video. 
The video for “To Be Loved” is a new take on a real life story that has haunted Jeremy Wilkins (director and HDNS band member) for a long time. It’s about obsession, regret, and water. Roughly 20 years ago Wilkins discovered that a childhood friend had been murdered, in her home, by her high school boyfriend after their break-up. When it came time to film a video for “To Be Loved” he decided to create a very loosely fictionalized version of the story, but changed the ending to give the girl the upper hand this time. The video stars Debra Wood II and Alec Yeager.

While we were on set for the band performance sections of the video Debra took some behind the scenes photographs. Check them out below for a hint at what's to come when the video is released!


We would like to give special thanks to Jason Roark for his invaluable assistance filming the band footage!