New Artist : Charlie Moses Joins Predator Friendly Records

Predator Friendly Record is proud to announce that Charlie Moses (aka Carolyn Grigar) has performed the secret handshake and joined the PFR family. 

We will be putting out three Charlie Moses releases between August and December. The first, Someday We Will Sleep Though The Night (8/4), is two electronic based singles produced by Jeff Acciaioli (The Great Mundane). Then, in fall, comes the Charlie Moses EP (10/13) which features three soulful acoustic tracks recorded at underwater research and design with Jeremy Wilkins. Finally, from the same u-RAD sessions, will be the haunting single, Misty (12/15). 

Check out the new Charlie Moses artist page for more info on Carolyn as well as a stream of "Gardens" from Someday We Will Sleep Through The Night.