Soundcloud Now Streaming : bdRm, underwater, Rosewater Elizabeth

A new soundcloud page has been launched by Jeremy Wilkins under his bdRm moniker. But, the page will feature much more than just bdRm, as Jeremy explains in his launch announcement -

To all people who like to spend time on Soundcloud - I have a new, more personal, Soundcloud page. Instead of being focused on one band or the record label it's gonna be sort of my full musical history from Rosewater Elizabeth to We Are Parasols and beyond. Right now I'm slowly populating it. There's some core Rosewater Elizabeth and underwater tracks up tonight. Very soon, there will be Allegra Gellar, Parasols, Hawks Do Not Share, We Are Parasols and bdRm...Then, I'll start putting up some super rare stuff...Think r.e. live tracks? underwater covers? bdRm improvisations. Please check it out. Follow it. Enjoy it.

The page launched late last night with a set of tracks by Rosewater Elizabeth, including the two rare songs, "Distract" and "Ribbons" from the never completed third Rosewater Elizabeth record. Check them out below.