February Sale

Webstore Sale!
We have launched a new store on our website featuring physical and limited edition releases, vinyl, compact discs and more..

For the entire month of February we are having a sale on all Predator Friendly Records back catalog items.

This includes : Hawks Do Not ShareVinyl and CD, AVOXBLUE Vinyl, Allegra Gellar CDs, DirtyBird CDs, ParasolsCDs, underwater CDs and various stickers and buttons. - In fact, the PFR sticker & botton pack is free with any order of a record or CD. 


Making room for New Releases!

We have many new releases lined up for 2016 and we'll be expanding into cassette tapes.

The first cassette release will be a split with the new Hawks Do Not Share EP, Polaris, on one side and the Charlie Moses + bdRm collaboration, How To Ask For Help, on the other side. Coming March 18th.

Then, on May 20th, We Are Parasols will release their long-awaited debut, Infrastructure