New Releases by Hawks Do Not Share and Charlie Moses + bdRm

Happy Friday! Today we are releasing two EPs and launching our new cassette series!

Hawks Do Not Share release Polaris, a 4 song EP. The title-track and single is a shimmering pop-gem reminiscent of their 2014 debut, HDNS, but with the added grooviness of Small Black. "Nightfall" takes it's cues from 80's radio mega-ballads from the likes of Tears For Fears. "Try To Forget" is an instrumental, almost soundtrack-esque interlude, while the closing track, "He Woke Up Inside"  is a dark, sexy electronic piece hinting at Junior Boys minus the dancing. Check out this review in Northwest Music Scene.

Charlie Moses and bdRm release their 4 song collaboration, How To Ask For Help. Charlie Moses acts as the singer/songwriter bringing her dark-soulful vocals and jazz/folk hybrid chords to the table. bdRm takes the producer helm, arranging the instrumentation, seamlessly melding his pianos, electronics, and programmed beats (provided by his We Are Parasols band-mate Alec Eye) into each track. Check out the video for "Growing Old (Judy)".

We are very excited to release both of these EPs on one limited edition cassette. Polaris on one side and How To Ask For Help on the other. The cassette includes all the lyrics printed on a full color 5 panel J-card. Check it out in our online store or bandcamp

Both EPs are also available as digital downloads while Polaris is available on CD.