Free Download : "bite_your_tongue.ep" by We Are Parasols

Two days ago, We Are Parasols finished mixing and mastering their new experimental EP, bite_your_tongue.ep. An official release date of September 9th was chosen. But, after a walk to the coffee shop, it was decided that we would release the entire EP as a free download available exclusively from our Bandcamp store starting today. Why not? As of today, you can also stream the EP on Soundcloud and YouTube, but we very much encourage you to just go to our online store and download it.  

Starting September 9th, bite_your_tongue.ep will be available worldwide from iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc. Plus, you'll be able to listen on Spotify and other streaming services. But, before that just go to our Bandcamp store and download it! We won't even ask for your email address. 

Here's a bit about the EP - 

bite_your_tongue.ep is the first We Are Parasols release to feature all four current band members, d (vocals), j/wilkins (guitars, synth bass, & programming), alec eye (figure loops & programming), and bw (piano). Three of the tracks are reworked versions of songs from the We Are Parasols debut, Infrastructure. The EP is more guitar based than Infrastructure, but the floating, melodic electric guitar is accompanied by reverb drenched piano, ambient textures, synth bass and heavily processed layers of voices. There is an otherworldly and purposefully synthetic quality to the recordings. The intimacy prefers to remain barely masked behind an artificial sheen.  

Track Listing.
1. // a reworking of "No Movement" from Infrastructure.
2. maps_v3 // a cover of "Maps of Florida" by Allegra Gellar. 
3. l'idiot // a reworking of "The Fool" from Infrastructure.
4. breathe.vol // a reworking of "Breathe, Stop Breathing, Breathe" from Infrastructure.
5. no way out // a reworking of the Parasols song "Last Lullaby"

We Are Parasols is currently scheduling live dates to perform the entirety of  bite_your_tongue.ep.